Christmas Kindness: £2,000 donation to the Beacon Centre

As we near Christmas, we come to the end of this #ChristmasKindness campaign. The final act of kindness in this series of ours is a big one for many reasons. Our final charitable donation is £2,000 and has been sent to the Beacon Centre, Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton (Love Musgrove). This cancer treatment centre, for better or worse, has been a part of almost everyone’s lives here in the CMSourcing head office. It’s where the campaign began and where we wanted it to end.

We are all familiar with the saying ‘in a world where you can be anything, be kind’. But what does this really mean and how do we turn this passive message of kindness into something meaningful?

At this time of year, we are often presented with an opportunity of reflection and future projection. Here at CMSourcing we have had a chance to reflect on the year, as a business and as individuals within the business. We have had a great year; we’ve grown month on month and welcomed lots of new people to the team, on and offshore. We have a lot to celebrate and be grateful for and we are truly aware of this privileged position.

But as we have grown, we have stumbled across some obstacles, resilience and even hostilities in our day to day lives. In business we understand this to some extent. However, unkindness isn’t something we have been able to understand or are willing to tolerate, in or out of business. But life is too short, let’s not dwell, let’s tackle this head on with one big gesture, one big campaign:

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

The key message we want to share here, as well as cheer, is let’s not give to receive, be that praise or something in return. We want to make charitable donations, to our local community, to simply spread joy by harnessing the power of kindness. We aim to achieve this via the art of surprise and generosity. So, over the next month we will be going all in and giving as much as we can. We are sharing our time (and money) with local charities, organisations, and strangers alike.

We are all too aware that not everyone revels in excitement at this time of year. The nights have drawn in and the daylight hours are short. And the frivolity around the festive period can affect people for both better and worse. Perhaps, it further impacts feelings of isolation and loneliness, or it has an adverse effect on an individuals’ mental health. But maybe, just maybe, coming back to a candy cane treat, or receiving a Christmas hamper for just being you could help you feel appreciated, loved, and valued. A hot meal, a new coat, or some new toys when you otherwise couldn’t get them might not change someone’s world, but we hope it can brighten a day.

We won’t be there to see the smiles on everyone’s faces but we hope this inspires more people to do the same. Treating people with kindness is free and your time is yours to choose what you do with it. Today we choose to share it with the community around us. We choose charitable donations. Let’s treat people in a way we want to be treated and help get the message out there. Kindness is a commodity we can all afford.

To be able to give anything, is truly the greatest gift.

Merry Christmas.

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